About the company

MaJourneys is a dynamic reservation platform offering a diverse range of experiences across Morocco. Established in 2023, we specialize in facilitating seamless bookings for activities, excursions, tours, pools, cars, rentals, and more

Our mission

We have embarked on a journey to provide only the best activities, excursions, tours, pools, cars, and rentals, ensuring top-notch quality and services for travelers like you

Our Goal

Our goal is to curate a selection of experiences that reflect the diverse and vibrant essence of Morocco, all while guaranteeing your comfort and satisfaction. With a focus on excellence, we aim to be your trusted partner in creating memories that last a lifetime.

What our clients say

“MaJourneys made my Morocco trip unforgettable! The desert excursion and pool day I booked were beyond amazing. Top-notch service and attention to detail. Can't wait for more adventures with them.”

Darlene Jackson

“Choosing MaJourneys was the best decision for my Morocco vacation. The range of activities they offer is impressive, and the booking process was a breeze. I had a blast exploring the city with their guided tour and indulging in a luxurious pool escape.”

Jihane B.

“MaJourneys truly knows how to deliver quality experiences that cater to every traveler's desires.”


“Easy booking, incredible activities. Thrills and relaxation, perfectly curated. A journey to remember, thanks to them”